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Many of our projects begin life as vision studies where initial total project concepts and options are formulated and considered. Typically, this process brings high level creativity and lateral assessment of core objectives to a project before any facility planning, architectural or detailed operational analysis is committed.

Vision studies are collaborative and iterative processes conducted with key project stakeholders to assess high level options, the implications of decisions and future operational parameters.

Facility Planning Studies

Facility planning is a term borrowed from the mainstream construction and development industry.

For smaller museums, visitor centres and commercial visitor attractions (up to $35 million) facility planning is key to sustainable operation and success.

Our experience in this specialised service is extensive and further detail of institutional and operational planning is provided in the following pages.

A facility development plan should provide a complete project overview.

In our experience it should cover:

  • The Subject. What is to be communicated and how.
  • The Market. Visitation potential.
  • The Built Form. The proposed built form solutions which are illustrated and quantified.
  • Operations. Operational analysis including staffing, marketing to year 5 of operations.
  • Cost. A detailed assessment of establishment and operational cost.

We have undertaken full facility development plans on the following projects:

BridgeClimb Visitor Centre and New Operations Facility
Sydney 2006

Project Budget - $7.2 million

Facility development study

This work examined the entire BridgeClimb operation related to moving into a larger space, increasing the BridgeClimb operation by adding a new 'climb', interior planning and design of the new space to accommodate all operational activities, administration, training, security, café, retail area and an international standard visitor centre. The visitor centre includes an audio-visual theatrette and has been developed to design stage with themes and subjects established.

Al Zubara Museum
Qatar 2006

Currently under design development and central government review.

Project Budget - $18.0 million

Concept plan / architectural development / operational plan

Full building and fit-out design and costing. Operational planning and curatorial requirement input to archaeological site and museum.

International Wilderness Centre
Te Anau, New Zealand 2006

Awaiting resource consent approval.

Project Budget - $14.5 million

Facility development study carried out in 2005

Analysis of potential sites and preference recommended. Building footprint recommended and then building planned and visuals produced. Subjects and themes considered and developed to visual concept stage. Accepted and approved by Invercargill City Council mid 2005 and documents issued for resource consent by HPA in November 2005.

Royal New Zealand Navy Museum
Devonport, New Zealand 2004

Awaiting funding from Navy Board and release of site.

Project Budget - $5.5 million

Facility development study produced including analysis of existing museum, new location and sitting recommendations, subject and collection analysis, thematic presentation development and full fit-out and operational costing.

Wellington Museum, City and Sea
Wellington, New Zealand 1998

Major building work commenced in 1998 and the project was completed for opening in 2000.

Project Budget - $12.5 million

Facility Development Study

This included options for the relocation of the museum, implications of adaptive re-use of existing heritage buildings. Issues included recommendations to broaden the subject of the museum for greater appeal, significant building modifications and major capital works program Themes where developed and concept plans and visuals produced to assist in the decision making process. The Wellington Museums Trust approved the study work and concepts in 1997.


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