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sydney harbour bridge, pylon lookout


RTA and BridgeClimb

South East Pylon of Sydney Harbour Bridge

Client Brief:
Design and build an international standard display environment and lookout on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Project Detail:
Access to the public spaces in the pylon is by narrow stairs only. Access for construction activity was complex given location actually on the Harbour Bridge. Deliveries and removals had to be made between the hours of 11pm and 4am on Sunday nights when the road lane could be closed. All production material had to be carried 200 steps from the road level or 300 steps from the workshop level. Installation period was restricted to four weeks. Major electrical work was required to bring the functioning of the pylon up to compliance standards. Exhibition space was limited and broken down into six discrete areas.

A cable management system was designed to take the 30 odd kilometres of new cabling through the spaces. To encourage visitors to appreciate the volume of the internal spaces stained glass windows were installed to existing long slit windows. Accurately produced figures representing various period building trades provide an innovative 'set piece' for visitors to view whilst climbing the main staircase. A mezzanine level was formed to provide further exhibition space. A special audiovisual show using many black and white bridge building photographs and new helicopter footage is projected onto a 5 by 4 metre screen in the last chamber of the visit. A question and answer display on the lookout level provides a simple and effective balance to the outstanding view.

Capital Project Cost: $3.2M

Visitation: 140,000

Project Director
Michael Pender

Gallery / Exhibition Design
Tom Hewitt

Site Manager
Matt Enfield

Diana Morrow

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