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the royal botanic gardens - sydney



Hassell Architects, The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Domain Trust


The project sees a major development for the Sydney Botanic Gardens, that focuses on the iconic pyramid and arc glasshouses.

The interpretation program for the Centre has a major role in the development of high quality visitor experiences for the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, placing the Precinct at the core of its long term sustainability objectives as a tourism and educational destination. A destination that provides tourists and school children alike an experience that is unique, credible, memorable, and informative. The interpretation program is at the core of the project objectives. As a redeveloped tourism destination, and educational resource the development will aim to educate and entertain visitors, empowering them through enhanced access and interpretation to provide a memorable visitor experience that is considered 'worldclass'.

Visitor Communication, interpretation and the visitor experience will provide a stimulating memorable visitor reward that is regarded as 'worth paying for' for tourists and delightful, memorable and informative for children. We are seeking to create a visitor experience that is marketable, that supports tourists and school children, stimulating their view of the natural environment and its future, to facilitate a fascination with our natural heritage that is tangible, accessible, entertaining and enjoyable.
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